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Region: The Warden World

Red Alert 2-Transylvania wrote:Brokowski took a moment to consider the implications of this, before giving a light shrug.
"Many before you made the same decision to refuse to proactively engage this enemy. I sincerely hope it works better for you than them. In any case, we can still passively exchange information for the sake of culture, or trade between one another. You may even find yourselves in need of some technical updates, if only to improve your medical services and quality of life."

"Our medical industry was a wonder of the world even back on Earth. We've mastered the art of bacta tanks, our doctors are masters at their craft and every year death from disease is lowered dramatically.", Boucher stated.
"Though we are not against your people sharing their culture or visiting as tourists or even as potential immigrants.. .though trade, I'm not too sure how the parliament would react..", he'd then say

(Trade Reluctance 1)