by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

United Utrikite States wrote:The local troops are surprised to say the least, after everything that's happened over the last few days they could barely expect to witness whatever they were witnessing now. An officer wearing a grey SS style uniform, without SS patches, marches out and is saluted by a junior" officer who's obviously quite nervous. The officer walks over, lighting a cigarette as he walks over.
"Well hello, as you can probably tell we're still quite surprised about whatever's been happening recently, excuse me, but what territory do you hail from?"

Emperor Sidam's lips curl into a light smile, warm in structure and yet unconvincing in the presence of his entourage and cold, harsh gaze.
"A territory we carved out ourselves, quite literally. Something more esoteric than the... quaint lands of crude matter you reside on. Sotapangaea, a reminder that human will can leave a mark on even the fundamental forces of reality, quite literally. You will likely not find us in your databases, for you are not amongst your regular geographic peers. Your leaders must be told of this, so we may establish newfound relations, as is only proper."