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Region: The Warden World

Hellasreich wrote:"We never would keep god a secret..", Boucher responded with a smirk.
"You intend to convert?", he'd joke.

"I, none the less the Chancellor would intend on allowing anyone to conduct offensive actions on our lands. We will defend ourselves and wont attack anyone unless provoked. Even machines.", he'd say then pause, slightly smiling.
"If god wishes to protect us then he will, death itself can be a test of faith, a test of worthiness and of course a test of character. Even then, god hasn't revealed himself to anyone for decades, not since raising this land from the sea."

Brokowski took a moment to consider the implications of this, before giving a light shrug.
"Many before you made the same decision to refuse to proactively engage this enemy. I sincerely hope it works better for you than them. In any case, we can still passively exchange information for the sake of culture, or trade between one another. You may even find yourselves in need of some technical updates, if only to improve your medical services and quality of life."