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Region: International Strategic Alliance

Romextly wrote:How does this sound for the RP?

In 1986, a military coup had taken Motu o Faʻatau in a coup, throwing off stability in the island of 400,000. The Dictatorship was ruled with an iron fist and those deemed to be traitorous to the regime were killed off. Refugees managed to flee to the nations nearby, one of them being Romextly. After hearing the tales and accounts of the refugees, the Empire of Romextly, brought up the topic of the island to the nations of the International Strategic Alliance to intervene on part of the people of Motu o Fa'atau and install a more stable government to not have any of the genocidal rages that the leader of the regime had.

So started Operation Thunder Eagle to liberate the island nation from the regime. The powerhouses of the alliances easily destroyed the navy and air force along with most of it's conventional land armaments and troops. The troops swept through the island nation making sure no conventional forces would be able to comeback and return the island to the horrible regime. The regime leader was executed and it seemed as if the invasion had been over. The coalition then returned to discuss the islands future.

They all agreed to pull almost all their troops from the island as it had no major natural resource that could be able to pay for it except destroyed Palm oil plantations and food farms. However, they decided to put in a 2 year temporary administration along with a couple of peacekeepers to help train local police and new military to fend off insurgents. However, due to some...unsavory choice for the first administrator, public opinion collapsed, leaving the administratration, new police and military and coalition troops at ground zero. However with a new administrator and a larger starting budget along with a monthly budget, it looks like it could help stabilize the region...

If you are not in the ISA, TG any member of the ISA to be examined by the ISA commitee