by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Red Alert 2-Transylvania wrote:"Your media outlets and one of your initial contact persons used the term. It is far from a state secret." Brokowski remarked.
"Tell me, does the One provide... protection to your people, from outside threats? If so, it might be that the autonomous submarines are not a threat, in which case your lands might be useful as a staging area for an offensive against them. Do you have other entities like The One?"

"We never would keep god a secret..", Boucher responded with a smirk.
"You intend to convert?", he'd joke.

"I, none the less the Chancellor would intend on allowing anyone to conduct offensive actions on our lands. We will defend ourselves and wont attack anyone unless provoked. Even machines.", he'd say then pause, slightly smiling.
"If god wishes to protect us then he will, death itself can be a test of faith, a test of worthiness and of course a test of character. Even then, god hasn't revealed himself to anyone for decades, not since raising this land from the sea."