by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Sotapangaea wrote:"That remains to be seen." Julma retorted, pulling herself unsteadily onto her feet as she glared at the entity, even as doing so hurt her mind and head.
"Why would I serve you, when I don't know you? My emperor saved me from falling to weakness, and gives me power and authority over the greatest people of any world, even this bizarre crossroads of one. What is your cause, what are your demands, and what is your boon?" she asked, her fading defiance growing as she spoke.
"I will have my answers, or you will have nothing from me."

"You answered your own question woman.", he'd respond, leaning over with his head and upper body coming closer to the earth, his scale was massive... beyond anything.
"I am beyond time and space. Do what I order and I give you the greatest power anyone can have... history. The present, the past and the future can be yours for I have seen it all. Not just here mind you, but everywhere... including your minuscule native realm of existence.. I even know how you'll answer.", it'd answer.