by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Hellasreich wrote:The cultist fell to the ground when the lightning hit him, he didn't make a sound and recovered quickly, standing again. And once Julma fell to her knee he joined the group in prayer.
The chants were an intelligible language, there was minor amounts of power in them but overall they were just words then it stopped... silence.

In the starry night the only sounds were waves hitting rocks and the sound of the wind.. there was nothing until it moved, an arm in the sky bigger than anything, then its face appeared, one that beared no eyes or mouth. It was terrible, it couldn't be real, it was.. it was too much. Its mere presence brought terror then around her there was screams, cult initiates either threw themselves over the cliff, cut out their eyes or even just used their hands to rip them out.

Then everything went black.. she wasn't unconscious, she could move.. it was almost like there was simply nothing in the world.
Vision came and she saw the great city of Helen. She then was on a street during the early morning, there was a young woman with brunette hair wearing semi-formal clothes and walked towards a news van as every other citizen went on their business.

She then stopped walking, everyone did.. time was frozen and then as almost as if it was a zoom in, she saw a necklace she was wearing, a crystal of sorts surrounded by gold. Then Julma went into it.
Like in the beginning everything was black but behind her there was a yellow light. It was an tall armoured masculine figure covered in flames, behind him was two wings of bone also in flame.. he saw her though, a mace in hand he began charging towards Julma but she couldn't move and almost as the mace was going to come down upon her it felt like Julma was pulled away, far from there.

After that all she got visions of an angelic figure, a man with androgynous features, he was the same man that Gervash saw, and he seemed to stare back at Julma, he was going to say something then after a blink she was back on the grass of the cliff though all the cultists were gone and the.. Eldritch entity in the skies was more visible now, it didnt stand as its lower half seemed more gas than solid and its body though had form wasnt comprised of flesh and at some points it seemed small portions of him even faded at points.

A voice boomed through the skies and with every word Julma's head ached.

"you're the first who could withstand my power", the voice spoke, sounding like a whisper though loud.
"what a damn relief. Do you realize how long its been since I've been able to have a conversation with your kind without being called a demon or god? Too long. I have foreseen this meeting though, finally.. you will do my bidding.",

"That remains to be seen." Julma retorted, pulling herself unsteadily onto her feet as she glared at the entity, even as doing so hurt her mind and head.
"Why would I serve you, when I don't know you? My emperor saved me from falling to weakness, and gives me power and authority over the greatest people of any world, even this bizarre crossroads of one. What is your cause, what are your demands, and what is your boon?" she asked, her fading defiance growing as she spoke.
"I will have my answers, or you will have nothing from me."