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Construction of the Imam Astronomer's College Completed

The news networks show the aerial view of Istafan's Naqsh-e Jahan square. At the outskirts of the Grand Bazaar, a lavishly built college campus built in the architectural style of the Islamic-Persian style but on a much larger scale. The view changes to an area within the college grounds where a stage has been built up. Workers and bureaucrats share in drinking champagne arranged for by the Deputy Minister of Education.
They all celebrate as the Minister of Education, Khosrow Mehrian, calls for attention as he steps up on the stage, "I would like to first thank Prime Minister Hassan Al-Jinab and The Shah Kalim Ahmadi for giving us the resources and confidence to undertake this experimental project. Confidence and resources along do not create the kind of modern wonder that we see before us today. For that I must thank my Deputy Minister Ms. Ghaidaa el-Sadri for her diligence and support in making sure this construction goes smoothly. I must also thank foreman Arif Jaavat and his workers for putting their sweat and blood into this project. None of this could be done without any of the individuals that placed their efforts into this project. Know this, the Imam Astronomer's College is just the beginning in the many public projects that The Republic of Dhan that will not only make us a leader in education in the Middle East but in the global community. With the go ahead from the administration on our International Student Visa Program, we are going to create a diverse and multicultural community here in The Republic."
The Minister of Education tells reporters that the Al-Jinab Administration has just approved the Education budget to be 6.5 percent of The Republic's GDP.