by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Hellasreich wrote:

The sky was dark and as he moved more of the infected seemed to leave their dwellings at the noise of the trooper, even the littlest, like the one that was killed some seemed to be blind and located through echolocation though most of the infected seem to be nearly blind or have decent sight with fungi elsewhere on their body.

"Better start running boy.", the man said over the radio as he took aim with his rifle and started picking some off.
The gates began to inch open and 3 rather bulky men in ballistic armour wielding riot shields and what seemed like swords with chains on them walked out, the noise attracted more infected to the gates only to be cut down in a bloody fashion.
"Get over here!", one of them shouted to Gervash

Gervash's pace had already erupted into a sprint when he heard the infected head toward his position, alerted by the scant few sounds he made in his short trek. Midstride, he disconnected the battery and gas packs from his blaster, holstered it, and clubbed the components together, which began a blaze in his gas pack. Pocketing the battery as he ran, he tossed the gas pack towards the largest pack of infected, as it began fizzling and shooting superheated streaks of ionized plasma into the surrounding area, a chaotic lightshow serving to distract and harm the horde as he returned to full speed, rushing into the midst of the riot gear-clad enforcers. A light pant in his voice, the ex-trooper turned to the old man, his hair a short, tangled mess reminiscent of a brush as he pointed towards the distracted horde.
"I don't know, huff, if you have a way to silence them quickly, but if you don't, you'll have alot worse than them to deal with. Who even are you guys?" he asked, brushing off his armor, which had collected dust from the ruins.