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Reports coming in that in the last hour there has been a shooting on the grounds of the Princely Palace in Baryshevo, the residence of the Princely Family of Romanovskaya. We understand a lone gunman made his way to the security gate of the palace where he shot two Imperial Guards. The shooter then breached the security gate but was apprehended by another group of guards who had rushed to the scene. The guards neutralised the threat although it is understood the shooter was captured alive, abeit in a critical condition.

Sadly we must report that one of the guards who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene. Private Nikita Vasilievich Bogoslovsky was just 26 years old and had joined the Imperial Guard last year. Another guard who has not been named remains in a critical condition and has been taken to the Prince Vasili of Romanovskaya hospital in Vyborg. A spokesperson for the Princely Family has stated that the family are safe but are shaken by events today. They added that the Princely family sends their deepest condolonces to the family of Private Bogoslovsky.

The police have already begun their investigations into the attack, believing that the individual in question belongs to a fringe marxist orginisation calling itself the "National Liberation Front of the Karelian Isthmus (NLFKI)". A police spokesperson said that while they believe further attacks are unlikely, they will be increasing security at key government locations over the coming weeks while they conduct their investigations.