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The Ostrava Accords

Following a lengthy meeting between Danubian Military and Political Leadership and representatives of the Galician Popular Front, an agreement has finally been made between the two parties as to the nature of the post-war situation in Galicia.

The Galician Popular Front has announced it will be working alongside the Danubian Military in the intervention and assisting with their efforts in taking down the Rogue Moraczewski Regime. Moraczewski is, if captured alive, to be put on trial in a Joint Session of Danubian and Galician Courts for crimes against humanity, democracy and the people of Galicia.

The Popular Frpnt will form a provisional civilian government with help from Danubian Representatives, which will be backed up and protected by a Danubian Military Administration personally lead by Chairman of the National Defence Commission, Peoples Marshall Leon Schwarz. This administration is to remain in place until Galicia can form a new republic under a new constitution, and decide their own destiny.

However, many expect that this new arrangement between Galicia and Danubia will lead to new stronger ties between the two nations, with some critics within the Galician Peoples Front and more vocally supporters of Moraczewski believing that the Danubian Military intends to turn Galicia into a puppet state that would surely be absorbed into Danubias growing state.