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Region: Geopolity

The defense ministry has announced new acquisitions for the Armed Forces.

The order includes: 470 new Chengdu J-10 aircraft, for a total cost of $ 13,084,800,000
(CNY 84.6 billion)
60 new CAIC Z-10 helicopters worth $ 17,000,000 per unit, for a total of $ 10,200,000,000. (CNY 66 billion).
40 Wing Loong II UAVs priced at $ 2,000,000 were also ordered for a total of $ 80,000,000 (CNY 517,816,000)

For the army the following were ordered:

1400 CM-32 at a cost of $ 2 million per unit for a total of $ 2,800,000,000 (CNY 18 billion)

All M60A3 and M48A3 tanks will be completely overhauled and updated:

- 120 mm stabilized soft-barreled cannons / launchers

- Newly developed explosive reactive armor (ERA) protection, made with the best quality materials at the lowest price, making the MBT invincible to chemical ammunition such as HEAT (including HEATFS) and any type of missile that uses chemical fillers.
New vehicle crew protection systems:
- Spaced armor will be added between the combat compartment and the drivers compartment.
- We have minimized the risk of fatal driver injury by mixing spaced armor at high angles
- Instead of adding a wet ammo dump which could create a lot of complications, has a rather high price tag and is slowly losing its effectiveness, we have removed the ammo dump from the driver compartment which could lead to fatal outcomes for the entire tank and his crew, and we made a larger compartment in the ready-rack of the tanks and added anti-blast panels, protecting the crew from injury and possibly exterminated by the ammunition explosion.
- the commander received a missjle warning and laser blocking system that could alert him and the crew when a laser guided missile is fired at them or when a laser rangefinder is pointed in their direction, giving the crew more awareness of what is happening around them.
- the gunner also received a 7.76 mm small caliber machine gun turret operated inside the tank used for protection from helicopter attacks, they can be equipped with ammunition that explodes on impact.

The gunner and commander will also be minutes of latest generation thermal and night vision sights.

Furthermore, the ministry has announced that all M41 tanks will be withdrawn from service, except the 50 of the M41D version, which will be part of the reserve.
There are now 825 unused M41 tanks in the nation's military warehouses.
On request they can also be sold for $ 280,000 in the standard version, or for $ 1,200,000 in the M41D updated version.