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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

Some People on Planet Arcadia wrote:how are they even able to do that

theyre poorer than africa is in the 21st century

plus if latorik wages war, the un would come down on them hard

there are jovian and saturnian and even martian nations

Derikan ships which "happen" to be there. Accidental dropping of Latorikan fauna. If the Eliksni war heats up, or if Aphus does moderate to severe damage to Earth, Latorik could probably be in the position to expand easily. Or if it's a slower approach, if the Eliksni damage earth heavily Latorikan workers could probably bring a large income revenue to Latorik, and propel it into an economic boom. If they continue wiht the better economy and more colonization (Because I doubt the UN would allow Rothella to hold fortifications on mars after the war, so they would dismantle them if they don't want to upkeep the massive amount of frotifications) Latorik could expand in the old fortification zones, a large fortified zone on each of the caps could make Latorik the greatest producer of cheap water on mars. (After all, the polar caps on mars could provide a lot of water, and make it cheaper as opposed to transporting water from earth to mars). With the economic boom it could threaten water dependant nations into annexation or become puppets. This is just off of the top of my head so it's probably not the best idea