by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Hellasreich wrote:The walk was calm but as they walked further tree's and in general seemed to become warped or look mutated, flowers fused together, trees at weird angles etc. Then they passed more 'cultists', all wearing similar robes and masks. At the top of the hill it overlooked a bay with calm waves and the sky and its stars were visible.
There'd be 20 people, one one amongst them a thin man wearing a different type of mask resembling a skull with their lower face visible, like all the other masks it'd be wood. The face of the man is white like bleach and almost with a look of decay.
Behind him the moon was high in the sky, several cultists behind him fell to their knees in prayer, their hands to the sky, a spot in the middle open for Julma.
"Please... join us.. he is calling."

'The call' was more powerful than ever, it was loud and overtook everything in the area, even the force though still it was gibberish, nothing made sense now that she was where it wanted her.


The sky was dark and as he moved more of the infected seemed to leave their dwellings at the noise of the trooper, even the littlest, like the one that was killed some seemed to be blind and located through echolocation though most of the infected seem to be nearly blind or have decent sight with fungi elsewhere on their body.

"Better start running boy.", the man said over the radio as he took aim with his rifle and started picking some off.
The gates began to inch open and 3 rather bulky men in ballistic armour wielding riot shields and what seemed like swords with chains on them walked out, the noise attracted more infected to the gates only to be cut down in a bloody fashion.
"Get over here!", one of them shouted to Gervash

Her head beginning to ache from trying in vain to understand her predicament in the Force, to lash out and in turn be lashed at, Julma grasped her head with one arm, with her other deactivating her lightsaber. A groan of pain is heard, muted by her helmet, and in a flash of frenzied movement Julma rises back to a standing position and lashes out her arm, a panicked tendril of literally electric blue Force Lightning erupting, grazing the pale, strange man in the shoulder.
"Cease this madness! I will not yield to your bizarre machinations! Cease and explain, in the name of Emperor Sidam!"
This outburst seemingly unbalanced her, as her intimate connection to the Force wavered and flickered as her very soul attempted to grasp hold of it in the maelstrom of alien power, and she stumbled onto one knee.