by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

United Utrikite States wrote:There's silence for a moment as they hesitate.
"Acknowledged, your being provided with coordinates to land at."

A dozen fighter craft circled by as 5 dark grey transports landed in pentagonal formation, depositing their contents of black and grey Sith troopers who fan out and secure the area, not necessarily preparing for hostilities, but nonetheless ensuring they could observe and respond to the actions of the local security forces. From one of the transports, a figure emerged, and it seemed an aura of power and authority surrounded him.
His expression was cold, his skin a slight dark beige pallor, and if looked at directly, his white eyes seemingly twinkling with a hint of crimson, as if his irises were merely cold hatches before a hidden blaze. Grey, thin head hair accompanied by a matching beard adorned his solemn lips. His armor, an intricate silver casemate around black and red robes emblazoned with runes and spiraling depictions of mythical beasts, seemed to radiate an authority on its own. Surveying the landing area with cold poise and clear purpose, Emperor Darth Sidam awaited the local delegation.