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Region: Psychotic Dictatorships

The Greater Gothic Empire wrote:Also every 60 seconds in Africa Gothica a minute passes the World Capital expands to an unprecedented area that even the architects of Neom City and every other megacity pissed their pants off. The headquarters building of the Ministry of Defense will be refubrished to its latest extent, adding a few more adjacent palaces to the complex. The former Reikstags is in the stage of rebuilding and its seat is ultimately transfered to the Imperial Citadel. In commemoration of the heroic stand of the 39th Life Guards Izhagravsky Regiment against the raiders a monument to them is being erected in the Emperor Alaric XIV Plaza in the city of Thervingenstadt, by the Qirim Sea.

Impressive, my fellow despot! May your building projects go smoothly and may your nation continue in the ways of tyranny!