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Region: Thalassia

Hello, Today I'm very happy to announce that I, Grey County will be running to be Thalassias WA Delegate. I first joined Thalassia in September of 2019 with my old nation and I always loved the civil service. I loved helping Thalassia and that's the reason that I became Assistant Head of Security. It's The reason I ran for the Regional Assembly and It is most certainly is the reason Im running to be WA Delegate.
Thank you and on election day please consider voting for Grey County to be your WA Delegate.

Grey CountyFor Thalassian WA Delegate

Introduction and Who I am
Hello, I'm Grey County and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my WA delegate Campaign dispatch. I have been a member of Thalassia since September of 2019 but after CTE’ing in around march I have been here consistently since June of 2020 and have served many roles including Assistant Head of Security and on numerous occasions, I served as Acting Head of Security and I currently am a Member of the Regional Assembly. I also have experience in almost every aspect of the old government system as I have been a member of all of their ministries at some points, I believe this gives me the necessary experience that you need to serve in such an important position as the delegate for Thalassia. I am Thalassia’s ambassador to the Social Technocratic Union and to Our treaty Ally Lazarus. I also am a member of our State Affairs Ministry and the Palarus welcome crew. and was an active rp’er before the pause. So now let's get into why I’m running for WA delegate.

Why Im Running
I’m Running for WA delegate because even though I like what Arenado has done as the delegate, I believe that I can expand Thalassia’s influence in the WA along with bringing 2 new major WA programs to Thalassia that I will now outline along with a minor program. I believe I have the experience that is necessary and believe that the Delegacy is the best way for me to help Thalassia.

Thalassian Input and Vote Recommendations
The first major program I would put in place would be a program where we would hold a debate on all resolutions open to all WA residents and Citizens and at the end, I would write and release a vote recommendation that I myself would vote by. I would hope that these WA recommendations could be displayed on the WFE as well. I believe the benefits of this would be that Thalassian Citizens and WA residents will get more information on all votes, They will get input into my vote the votes of others and they will be aware of votes which will give Thalassia more votes in resolutions.

The WA Recommendation Nation
The minor program that I will be starting is creating a Puppet nation that will post the vote recommendations along with holding all of our WA ministry dispatches.

Thalassian WA Writing Committee
The Second of my major proposals would be a WA writing committee/group which would draft and propose resolutions on behalf of Thalassia. This would grow our influence in WA and get issues that are truly important to Thalassia to vote. I envision that anyone could join this committee and I would look for an experienced WA writer to help mentor beginner writers with the process of drafting on the forum and submitting proposals and if a proposal gets to vote I would like to see the group help with advertisements and bringing it to delegates along with sending proposals out to our embassy allies asking for their delegate to consider them.

Why You Should Vote For Me
So you might be asking “Why should I vote for Grey”, well I believe that I can bring an influx of new ideas and new programs into WA along with getting Thalassia Involved in the WA. I would build on programs put in place by my predecessors and bring Thalassia into the writing Arena. I also have some connections within the NSGP Community. So with that, I'm asking you, when you go to Vote for WA delegate….Consider voting Grey County and “Let's bring Thalassia into new arenas and Bring its influence higher than ever”.

So thanks for reading my campaign dispatch, I hope I have given you something to think about, I hope that you will consider my proposals and that on election day you might Vote Grey County to be your WA delegate.

I encourage you to check out my other dispatches.

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