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Region: Refugia

Insanely vexed Goblins wrote:hey now that i'm part of this region could you guys introduce yourselves and your nations? i kinda don't know anyone here

Hi! I'm Hannes, a science nerd and part-time origamist and educational youtuber (I am currently just recording the videos). I love reading, quantum physics, playing music and sports. My nation is just a bunch of molecules who fled the tyranny of the opressive pineapple king (full story coming soon!) and live in giant eggshells left behind by the now extinct Pineapplesaurus.

Kraljevstvo Rata wrote:gotta do these more <_<


If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (real or fictional)

IRL I'm happy where I live right now; for a fictional place I'd probably choose somewhere in Refugia.

Refuge Isle wrote:Notice:

I am now opening candidacy for the Councillor of the Interior, tasked with facilitating engagement, providing regional broadcasts, running polls and overseeing a survivable discussion environment over the RMB. The term runs from Feb 29th to June 28th.

I am officially anouncing my candidancy for the councillor of Interior affairs.
I pledge that if I'm elected, I will make some (hopefully) neat polls and keep peace on the RMB by removing all unwelcome and rude posts. I will also try to contribute to banding the region together by keeping up lively discussions here. Although I have no previous experience of administration in this big a region, I hope that I can succeed in contributing to the Refugi culture and history if I'm elected. I am rather active in NationStates and am confident that I will fulfill my administrative responsibilities.