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Region: Refugia

Junitaki-cho wrote:Condemn Lily page=UN_view_proposal/id=aredita_1613600684 goes to vote tonight in the SC. Rather than my making claims about a situation I'm not super familiar with, I'll echo the arguments I've seen from more attentive Refugi and recommend against voting for a kind of shoddily written resolution. Further thoughts are welcome.

Agreed with all linked points. I see no merit in the proposal and will be doing an instant against vote when it's posted.

Kraljevstvo Rata wrote:If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (real or fictional)

I'm happy where I am, honestly. We looked a place up and chose to move there out of a list of options, then did it, and I think that it's a great location and where I'd probably be happy spending a very long time. If we're including fiction, then proooobably... uhhh... the space station in my Oracle RP on the forum, I guess. Scifi but still kinda cosy.