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Dwarf wrote:I get nothing.

*facepalm in elven style*
eh, ok kin....

Independent Rohan wrote:I remember this now! Primarily because of the movie scene (I'm sorry! I only remember 'The Beacons are Lit! And Rohan shall answer' scene in the movie)

Anyways, to answer the original question, Lindon-Rivendell, I believe the way the relationship between Independent Rohan and U.S.G. is set up, it's very similar to the Oath of Eorl but different. In my personal countries lore, a civil war was fought, the United States of Gondor emerged, with some portions of Rohan joining, the remaining portion of Rohan was asked if they wanted to join as well. But Rohan said, "No, we're good. But we'll remain friends" So the part of Rohan that remained independent became known as Independent Rohan, to separate it from the State of Rohan in the U.S.G.

I really haven't thought about this

Also, for future reference, I prefer she/her pronouns... (That's the personal thing I was discussing)

Oh, that's kinda inline with the oath of eorl....

Tatarica wrote:Does anyone here know how to write in elvish?

I found this interesting imgur gallery with a few images describing how to write, including an alphabet.

Write Your Name in Elvish in 10 Minutes [not my work]...

Oh, god
Knight Finriel Mirthuil in your service master!
so my autograph in elven looks like: KMYT MYRAOG