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Region: Selene

LXVIII Unity Expedition | Alpanio Natural Park, Sartoria
Week 1 News Summary

It's the end of Week 1 of the CXVI Unity Expedition, meaning it's time for a news summary of this week's events. The highlight of the Expedition thus far is the progress made with the Alpanio Base Camp Trek. Participants left from Castanoglia on February 13 and trekked almost non-stop until they reached Ponte di Saurino the next day. There they spent a full day to acclimatise, since they had ascended from an altitude of 1,400m to nearly 2,800m in 24 hours. There trekkers also had an opportunity to learn about the Battle of Saurino, one of the bloodiest engagements in the Third Sacuri War.

Following their day of acclimatisation, trekkers left for Giampierina and arrived at Abruzzo on February 17. Both cities also had prominent roles in the Third Sacuri War: Giampierina was a sanctuary for anti-Sacuri refugees and was never conquered by Bloody Hand, whereas Abruzzo was one of the Bloody Hand's early conquests and at one point served as their capital. Following their stays at these historic cities, trekkers spent last night at the Designated Rest Point, an outdoors camping sight where they could gaze at the unpolluted night sky.

Today trekkers should arrive at Festa D'Arezzo, a town that, sitting at an altitude of 4,751m, represents the first opportunity for trekkers to acclimatise to the higher altitudes of the region.


Subsidiary Treks

The Subsidiary Treks are also well on their way. Thousands of participants are reported to be on schedule, with particularly high numbers of trekkers choosing to go on the Rotale Base Camp Trek. Today also marks the end of the Giordano Natural Park Trek, which at 6 days long was one of the the shortest of the treks. Maria Ventresca, Mayor of Giordano, is expected to preside over the arrival and closing ceremony for the trek, and she will also offer a special dinner to all participants.

The Vittaca Trail is expected to finish tomorrow with the arrival of participants at Vittaca, a small town close to Rotale Base Camp. Finally, the Highlands Trail finished on February 17 after 4 days of enthusiastic participation from hundreds of trekkers who explored the Highlands, a region of Giordano Natural Park known for its vibrant vegetation.