by Max Barry

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Region: Pengia Terrum

In a hearing from the Supreme Court of Khushvad today, where The McGites Company vs. Pengia Terrum has been taking place, it has been ruled that McGites' JeffCakes are a biscuit. McGites went on to lose the case for having failed to comply with laws within the region. Despite public demand, McGites did not classify whether JeffCakes are a biscuit or cake which lead to the debate being settled within the Regional Parliament where MRPs overwhelmingly voted 'biscuit' in accordance with the popular opinion in their constituencies. McGites found this unnecessary and was hence dealt with an iron hand in the realm of the law. The judge concluded the case saying: 'It is only fair to say that businesses within Pengia Terrum should respect the laws of the region and every country where they operate'.

Sagar Chandra, Khushvad National News