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Region: Selene

Breaking: Tax season is upon us and the working sector of the economy is happy. The Department of Taxes and Tax Refunds will be giving out bigger refunds this year thanks to Empress Xemptoworth's petition to make sure the Working Sector of the economy gains the traction it needs to support the many families in that sector. Empress Xemptoworth asked governors of every Franconian state to cut Working Sector Wage taxes by 11.35% due to the national surplus. The Treasury Department stated that the Taxes and Refunds office (for short) will also include a check from the treasury for 3,200 Astrons as a Government Surplus Check. You'll only be able to recieve the Surplus Check if you file your taxes by May 3rd. Tax penalties and charges of tax evasion will happen if you don't do your taxes. They're pretty important. Happy Taxes, Franconia.

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