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Region: Absolution

If there came a day where a documentary or a book titled "The Making of Parathia" existed, there would be a section or a chapter titled "Karma vs Fate". Since last August, I've gone through four laptops. Black Screens, power issues and worn-out puffer-fans have all tried to encourage the notion of this project being ill-fated. However, fate hadn't accounted for this knuckle-draggers ability to make use of mechanical screwdrivers and hard-drive adapter cables.

Fancy the scenario of me not being able to complete ideas flowing from my mind due to a laptop suddenly saying it's outie 5000. If you know me, you know the computer is actually denying me access to my baby, and that's just not going to be "on well" with me at all.

I went to Walmart Saturday morning, and due to my impatience, didn't do much other than point and grunt at what I thought was a laptop, but didn't realize until the moment I turned it on at home was a Chromebook. Just WTF is a Chromebook? Google's own OS, practically no storage and focused mostly for online use. Ewwwwww.... it's going back in four hours when Walmart opens this Sunday morning. Yes, I'm using it now. Then, I get to transfer my baby into another crib. Discouraging? I can easily see why others might choose surrender, but when I want something I tend to get it. I expect that nothing worthy will be easy and will bare both loss and cost. It's the forward progression that matters most to me.

What occurred to me as I sat through Saturday like a junkie without a fix, is how selfish I've been. I could make use of a free host to offer an online sandbox for posting live examples. There's no way the complete site would be acceptable to any free host as it makes use of PHP functions extensively, but as long as the application isn't "resource intensive" there shouldn't be any issues, right? Yeah, our history with free hosts is stellar. See you soon.