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*In Cardoza province, the Greens leader argued that the next government is in a position to import electric cars from Orogonia due to the lack of tariff barriers within ORASO. The South Baba Greens (SBG) already support the reduction of tariffs for hybrid and electric vehicles imported into South Baba from non-ORASO countries and raise the possibility of establishing a cap on the number of imported petrol-run vehicles*


*As part of its common goals program with the SBG, the South Baban government has subsidized an initial order of 20,000 electric vehicles from pioneering Orogonian automotive manufacturer Verche as well as smaller orders from other major companies like Mertek, Olkerale, Jinstein, and Keverteka to create “a conscience about pollution and alternative sources of propulsion” within the South Baban automotive industry. Among the ordered classifications are: sports cars, 4-seaters, MPVs, buses, and utility vehicles. South Baban auto manufacturers are expected to adapt to this new industry in order to assert their prominence within the local market. Television news channel NAD (News All Day) has reported that several of them have already approached the aforementioned Orogonian companies with talks about cooperation and even merger. The Ministry of Civil Works and Transport has confirmed that the imported vehicles will adhere to South Baban standards regarding factory and post-production quality assurance and will insist that these models carry a minimum 15-month warranty*

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