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Region: Ankh Morpork

Lord servion

Check out The South Pacific's Llama Drama magazine's coverage of our protest at NationStates moderation continuing to allow real life Nazis and fascists roam unchecked in the game!

Member of Ministry of Media Founder of Today's Featured Region

By Islands of unity

The featured region of the day today February 7th 2021, is Ankh Morpork, a small Discworld casual fandom region (named after a setting in the series) founded by none other than our very own Langburn, member of the TSP Assembly and Ministry of Media, who had this to say about their appreciation of Terry Prachet and the Discworld series in their introduction to their upcoming piece for The Southern Journal:

"I loved Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books when I was younger and I still do. The rich, imaginative Discworld cleverly lambasted and ridiculed the ridiculousness of the real world…"

The region had fallen into inactivity since being founded in 2016 and the current WFE features an Antifascist message to the wider NS community from Langburn due to the promotion of the region as a part of NationStates Featured Region feature. Langburn had this to say on the matter in the RMB of Ankh Morpork today:

"I am sorry that this region never really got started and I honestly forgot that it existed to be honest.

However, today, as I saw that Ankh Morpork is featured. This is a great opportunity to state that very clear to the world that there is ZERO space for real life neo Nazis, fascists and Nazi sympathisers on NationStates. Not now, not ever."

Islas's note: As Minister, I'd like to congratulate Langburn not only for being featured but also for taking it a step beyond by using that platform to speak out against hate.

Please make sure to congratulate Langburn if you see them around the region today, they've earned it.

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Ankh Morpork will fight to ensure that all Nazis and fascists are banned from NationStates forever. We are proudly anti fascist.