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The Sartorian Mountaineering Association (SMA) has confirmed that Silvana Girotto will join the Sartorian Delegation to the Alpanio Unity Climb. Ms Girotto joins Gianni Galliani, Ernesto Manca and Flavia Pichetto as one of the four climbers who will attempt to summit Alpanio, the country's highest mountain, as part of the biennial Unity Expedition. The SMA has also confirmed that it will participate in the subsidiary climbs to Cinquazzuri, Mt Vincenzo and Rotale with individual teams for each mountain.

This announcement comes as the Government of Tavoletro, the state where the Expedition will take place, rejects criticism from opposition parties that hosting the event represents a waste of valuable funds. Governor Mario Endrizzi said in a recent press conference that his administration is committed to the various charity causes championed by the Expedition and that the benefits from hosting the event vastly outweigh the costs of from organising it. The International Mountaineering Association has repeatedly said that there have been no issues with the Tavoletri Government and that organisation has been seamless.