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Region: Selene

Breaking: Empress Xemptoworth has signed an executive order to raise minimum wage from 20 Astrons per Hour to 23 Astrons per Hour. The executive decision comes from reasoning about how the people in the working sector are not paid enough, but the people in this sector of Franconian life are barely able to get by because of their tax bracket. This executive order also included tax decreases for the working sector, shipping sector, and schoolworkers (the most common subsects of the Franconian Economy). Taxes in these economic subsects will fall from 63% to 58%.

More Breaking: Economists don't expect the stock market to fall anytime soon. The National Treasury has stated that the FE has a surplus of Astrons, making it possible for the Government to send out checks of 3200 (= Astrons). Parliament will vote on this alongside the Empress on Tuesday.

More news later.