by Max Barry

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Region: Lothlorien

Welcome back, Narwen! Come and go and return when it pleases you. Lothlórien is an unhurried place. for example described by Samwise Gamgee:

Sam sat tapping the hilt of his sword as if he were counting on his fingers, and looking up at the sky. 'It's very strange,' he murmured. 'The Moon's the same in the Shire and in Wilderland, or it ought to be. But either it's out of its running, or I'm all wrong in my reckoning. You'll remember, Mr. Frodo, the Moon was waning as we lay on the flet up in that tree: a week from the full, I reckon. And we'd been a week on the way last night, when up pops a New Moon as thin as a nail-paring, as if we had never stayed no time in the Elvish country.
Well, I can remember three nights there for certain, and I seem to remember several more, but I would take my oath it was never a whole month. Anyone would think that time did not count in there!'

Meanwhile, in terms of polls, I'm descending into temporary tookfoolery.
Terrible, terrible puns. Which is the worst?