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Region: The Western Isles

Dormill and Stiura wrote:Speaking of. Here's a dispatch poached straight from Ainslie to exactly that end.


Collaborating with Dormill and Stiura
An OOC dispatch
For 2021


Inspired by the works of my peers and desiring to reestablish the work I've left behind in the past several years, this Dispatch is meant to be the briefest breakdown of what Dormill and Stiura is, who I am in general, and what I am asking for out of the people that want to interact with my nation IC or collaborate on a project for a future date.

The United Republics of Dormill and Stiura is a Federal Semi-presidential Constitutional Republic, it's about as European as you can get which is going to be one of the two ongoing themes of D&S, the other being my own personal political influences on how D&S operates. In a way, Dormill and Stiura is a reflection of my personal political and social beliefs blended with my own created history.

At the moment, the Presidency of Dormill and Stiura is held by Cedar Dyson (and if you've seen how I portray him before, he is quite literally a somewhat younger version of Macron who also speaks Dutch fluently), who rules alongside Vice President Keira Aalders; and shares some executive power with Eerste Stadtholder (First Stateholder) Robrecht Lémieux and Tribune en chef (Chief Tribune) Garret Davidson, imagine Lemieux and Davidson as the leaders of the US Congress or (given they are of an opposite party) the two main party leaders in a Westminster Parliament and you get the picture of who they are.

For the sake of making things easy, Dyson is still the highest person in the United Republics' foreign affairs hierarchy so if it's that important, you're speaking to him.

Doraltics, or Dormill-Stiurains (your choice) are typically individualistic but have a strong sense of community both as a nation and in smaller sub-groups. They all, however, live within a first-world country with a strong economy and a highly educated workforce.

For the Man himself: I've been involved with NS since 2015, and TWI since 2017. I have learned a lot in my time about how writing, nationbuilding, and roleplay work, and I (sometimes regretfully) consider myself to be skilled enough to have high standards for others. In addition, I have also learned the ins and outs of how this website works, from my time as WAD for Sunalaya to TWI's Secretary of Roleplay, and am very used to how things go. In general, my topics on nationbuilding revolve around fleshing out details about Dormill and Stiura that wade around in my head, while my roleplays tend to try and tell a larger narrative about the affairs of my nation or of particular people of note. In either case, I am frequently available throughout 11 AM - 11 PM US EST most days of the week via any method you have access to. I might not respond immediately if I am doing other things but I will make efforts to respond to people where I can, for the quickest way to contact me, a ping through the region's Discord server will be enough to get my attention.

......First Steps

Here's some ideas if it's your first month or two on the map and want to get collaborate with my nation in-character.

As always, if you want to get involved with any of these feel free to just send me a quick telegram saying so.

......Character Availability

The table below shows the current 'major characters' in Dormill and Stiura that I tend to use or that may be relevant for people wanting to talk with IC for one reason or another. This will show you whether they are not busy and available for me to come and write with you in a roleplay or in some other thread. For those not on this list, such as Ambassadors or Ministers to foreign governments, business leaders, or other persons, are also available on request.





Cedar Dyson

President of the United Republics


Cour Rouge, Dormill and Stiura

Kevyn Shepherd

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Cour Rouge, Dormill and Stiura

Roger Van Adrichem

Ambassador to the League of the Western Isles


International District

Hector Causey

Minister of Defense


Arette, Dormill, Dormill and Stiura

Hervé Dorsey

Trade Minister


Cour Rouge, Dormill and Stiura

List is Current as of 30 January 2021

......How to actually talk to me

In general, I don't really step up and get a hold of people at random, I find it to be particularly rude especially when I follow that up with a big wall of text about writing or collaborating. Though I may bring up my recent works on the RMB or Discord to encourage people to reach out to me, those that I have particularly worked with in the past on past RPs or those I'm building an IC relationship are those I initiate with. If you want to work with me though, I ask these things.
  1. Be in The Western Isles and on its map.

  2. Be on the map for a decent amount of time and actually be involved in the roleplaying scene. I really don't bother with people who aren't already decently active, let alone collaborate with.

  3. Make yourself known. Stand out with distinct posts and dispatches and they will get my attention, enough for me to sometimes reach out personally for collaboration.

  4. Have a clear and completed overview. I want to know what your nation is about so I can start thinking about how D&S would relate to it, further details on your history and economy are also valuable as they are first points of contact for collaboration.

  5. Have a reasonable nation concept and conception of your nation's place within TWI. TWI, in general, is a microcosm of the wider world, just significantly smaller. I believe nations within TWI should reflect this by being relatively narrow in their scope and scale in relation to its neighbors, I do not deal with people who view themselves as superpowers and I especially do not respect players who come into the region with base stats (population and GDP per capita) brushing up on the soft cap (as that's a sign of powergaming) and I will disregard their presence in the roleplaying landscape.

......Quick Guide to Foreign Relations

How to improve relations with Dormill and Stiura

  • Have strong democratic and republican values

  • Be a potential trade partner with the United Republics, bonus points for joining the Regional Trade and Economic Agreement

  • Be in Gael, eastern Argus, the Southern Sea, or the Eastern Seas

  • Be cooperative to the international consensus

  • Joining the Gael Four Agreement if you are in Gael

  • Sign bilateral agreements with Dormill and Stiura or join multilateral agreements where Dormill and Stiura is a party

  • Be democratic

  • Be innovative scientifically

  • Liberal governments win brownie points.

How to harm relations with Dormill and Stiura

  • Disregard morals and international norms, including general illiberalness

  • Having a strong and prominent monarch involved in government affairs

  • Provide aid or comfort to Doraltic rivals, such as Vancouvia, Balnik, and Wellsia

  • Be expansionist and/or imperialist and/or fascistic

  • Invading people without the 'blessing' of international organizations.

  • Falling into anti-democratic revolution

  • Threaten the Doraltic sovereignty, interests, or her allies.

  • Be Balnik.

  • Be in TWI's west without a clear connection to Dormill and Stiura or fulfilling her interests.

......The Flaws

A wise man once asked of us, four long years ago, "What is your Nation's Biggest Flaw?". Well, here's Dormill and Stiura's:
Political Flaws:

    Slow? That's not a speed on my McCapitalism Chadburntm? As a Capitalist nation, Dormill and Stiura relies closely on the continued growth of private enterprises to keep the national economy afloat. While this may not be a concern most of the time, a major problem arises whenever the system suffers a major slow-down, which has happened twice since the United Republics reunified in 1995, first in the lead up and aftermath of Baetylus, and second in the wake of a short squeeze killing the nation's largest investment bank in 2011. Recovery since then has been a patchwork job and has exposed several core inequalities about the United Republics that is slowly eating away at the national fabric.

    Lady Power always abhors a vacuum. Related to the above 2011 Recession, Dormill and Stiura is also undergoing a major shift in the political dynamics of the nation, new and younger Dormill-Stiuraians who grew up with the new Union have had a unique perspective on how things should be run. Thanks to a abnormally young political ruling class compared to its neighbors, Doraltic policy is becoming increasingly directed by people wishing to take the next big step in the path of Doraltic unification, splitting between a side that wishes to reform the federal system, and those that want to dismantle the federal system in favor of a true democracy. All the while, the old political ruling class is still contending with their loss of power, and will certainly try to take it back over the next several elections.

    Who knew political clout was actually tangible? Although popular among the common people both within Dormill and Stiura and abroad, Cedar Dyson is not your average politician. He did not know how to play the political game when he sought office six years ago, and he's still learning how to handle each new situation like a first-year Political Science major. Dyson has expended a significant amount of his political capital early on with several foreign invasions and attempts at diplomatic flexing. While some have been successful, others haven't, and this has caused problems for him among those people who know how the game is played and how to manipulate Dyson's fears of being unable to handle the Presidency against him. He can be caught up in schemes beyond his understanding but don't mistake him for gullible or naïve, this Presidency has taught him much, regardless of how much more he has to learn.

Strategic Flaws:

    Myopia. For as long as Dormill and Stiura has existed as a nation, so too has its utter lack of care for trans-Argus affairs or nations. Dormill and Stiura's core strategic concerns are always vested in Gael and the near South, always around securing Dormill and Stiura's economic interests by creating blocs aligned to Dormill and Stiura's interests. This means that the nations of Raedlon and the Mesder are considered irrelevant in almost every aspect. One day though, this line of thinking will come to bite Dormill and Stiura, whether or not its leaders know it.

    A Half-Army. In the aftermath of recent conflicts, the United Republics Army has sought out a way to be more prepared for future threats from across the Doraltic sphere. This has resulted in a massive logistical effort to reorganize the Army into units more capable of being responsive both nationally and internationally, but it has only just begun and only around half of the army has completed the process. If the United Republics were caught in a conflict within the next 6-8 months, the Army would be caught flatfooted and be unable to respond to weeks with the proper forces.

    The Southern Menance. The Federation of Balnik is considered by Dormill and Stiura to be the most significant threat to stability in all of Gael. A relatively large nation built from the ground-up of a devastating civil war into the perfect fascist war machine, it's almost a shock that the two nations haven't gone to war in the last 30 or so years. That's not to say there haven't been close calls on both sides, but it does not change the fact that Balnik may well be the one true existential threat to the United Republics out of anything that presently exists in the Isles. As a result, the United Republics' military concerns are focused mostly at countering Balniki threats, leaving a disproportionate amount of forces orientated against the southwestern border, ready for a war that is the dread of such a large part of the nation.

......What I want to do more of

Help me by inserting your nation's characters into my canon
  • Buy my sh!t! I've got plenty of businesses and military equipment among my dispatches. Some may be hidden behind a few pages but they are easy to identify and I hope I made them easy to understand. Let me know if you're interested in the things I've got on offer!

  • I want my politicians to visit more nations or host more people or both! Telegram me so we can strike up a state visit or minister-level visit.

  • More to come!

..This factbook is inspired from Vancouvia's dispatch "How to interact with Vancouvia In-Character" and Ainslie's dispatch "Collaborating with Ainslie"

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