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For some it may be about the money and/or checking off a box ("politically correct") - it would be na´ve to think otherwise. But for others it may be about retelling an old story with a new perspective. How many times have Shakespeare's plays been told with a modern point of view that radically changes aspects of the original story? As a viewer we may not like the new interpretation, and we may believe that Shakespeare (or in this case, Tolkien) would also have been displeased, but that doesn't invalidate the new interpretation. It is not just "politically correct", but a fact, that the stories and roles of minorities in history have been largely omitted from the history books and the stories and the movies (at least in the US) and, when they have been included, they have generally been marginalized and stereotyped.

Tolkien wrote in some strong and memorable female characters in his works - but none of them were in the band of adventurers on the way to the Lonely Mountain in the Hobbit or in the fellowship in the Lord of the Rings. I get it if people want the original story retold as is - there are plenty of times we will criticize movies for not being true to the books and I have done this myself. But I am not going to dismiss out of hand a retelling that allows someone to see someone like themselves in a main role in the story.