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Maratha-Empire wrote:Delhi:

Message to the UAN and Orange-Bourgogne

Imperialism is a stain that caused and causes pain to hundreds of million of people across the world. Our nation, the Maratha-Empire, was a victim of such imperialism at the hands of the British. Our lands were sacked, our treasures stolen, our people tortured and murdered. Today, those same imperialist powers talk of friendship and democracy. Yet they fail to see the irony of their actions. They imposed themselves onto others for their selfish economic gain.

The British Museum and the British Royal Jewels may be symbols of pride to the British people but they are symbols of subjugation, theft and destruction to billions across the world. The majority of artifacts from the Museum and the Royal Jewels were stolen and plundered during centuries of exploitation of the British Empire. We request an UAN meeting to resolve this and to repatriate the artifacts that belong to us.

If the government of Orange-Bourgogne refuses, our nation will be forced to impose severe economic sanctions and the complete ban of any British ship in our ports and waters. We invite our friends in the government of Eulumia to join our efforts as they too have been severely affected by such imperialism.

Official statement Marathan remarks
~ Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne

To the Government of the Maratha-Empire,

As you might have noticed from our policies since the latter half of the last century, the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne does no longer favour any kind of imperialism. We find it ironic and hypocritical that you accuse the Avalon-regime of imperialism while your own nation is known as an Empire.

The Government does not deny that several atrocities were committed in the past, because they undoubtably were. However, that era is now gone by and we would like to keep it in the past. Our Government is willing to discuss ways in which we can compensate those who directly suffered from inhumane crimes caused by Orange-Bourgognians. What we will not do on the other hand, is "compensate" those who have not directly been affected at our watch.

Where it concerns the royal regalia of Orange-Bourgogne, they will not be returned. They are not only embedded in the history of your Empire, but in our nation as well. Relics looked after by the Orange-Bourgognian Museum and other similar institutions will be dealt with by these private bodies.

Regarding your proposal to settle the dispute through the involvement of the United Assembly of Nations, Orange-Bourgogne is not a Member-State to the UAN, and as such we have no intention to resolve our disagreement on this matter in this manner especially when we take into consideration the recent negligence of and disrespectful behaviour towards our own interests by that international organisation.

Finally, we do not give in threats of economic and other sanctions. Of course we urge you to refrain from imposing them, but we will not hesitate to issue countermeasures if so thought necessary.


The Rt. Hon. (Rupert Carrington) The Baron of Claremont
Minister of State of External Conflicts