by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

Duma wrote:The government has prepared a list of ambassadors to be sent, if accepted, to nations around the world in order to establish diplomatic relations between civilized countries.

With this letter, the Republic of Duma appoints diplomats as ambassadors to be sent to the nations assigned to them.


Mr Hao Yin, appointed ambassador to Westminster, Orange-Bourgogne

Official correspondence
To: Bai Zhelan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Duma
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Diplomatic representative
Classification: Public

Your Excellency,

The Orange-Bourgognian Government has taken notice of your nomination and appointment of His Excellency Hao Yin as your representative to and at His Majesty's Court at Saint James's Palace, which we accept.

In return, we would like to appoint as our Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mrs Lilian van der Horst.

Hopefully, our respective representatives may cause fruitful relations to prosper between our governments.


Sir Richard of Wellington MP
Minister of State of Diplomacy