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Region: Geopolity

The 4th royal germanic reich wrote:German Ministry of Foreign Relations

After a meeting at the Reichstag, the Parliament agrees represent a list of ambassadors to represent Germany at various Nations Around the World.

Orange-Bourgogne: Niklas Sommer

Germany Hopes to improve relations with all nations and keep peace in the world, we are open to any ambassador you send back
-Thank you, Cäsar Krämer Minister of Foreign Affairs

Official correspondence
To: Cäsar Krämer, Minister of Foreign Relations, The 4th royal germanic reich
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Bilateral relations
Classification: Public

Your Excellency,

The Orange-Bourgognian Government has taken notice of your appointment of His Excellency Niklas Sommer as Ambassador to His Majesty's Court to and at Saint James's Palace, and is grateful to receive him as such.

Additionally, we have decided to nominate and appoint as our Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary His Excellency The Rt. Hon. (Leopold zu Stolberg) The Count zu Stolberg.

We hope to establish mutual beneficial and fruitful relations with our close neighbour. In order to achieve this goal, we invite your Ambassador to a discussion at the Department in order to exchange views on intensified co-operation between our respective Governments in the near future.


Sir Richard of Wellington MP
Minister of State of Diplomacy