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Region: Geopolity

The Hellenes League wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the direction of Archon Pericles Legeas, we have submitted to the Hellenic Parliament a list of new ambassadors to represent The Hellenic League at various European nations.

The list is as follows:
Orange-Bourgogne: Haris Antonias

We seek to begin a new era of relations with our neighbors in Europe, and to look towards the future with eyes focused on peace.

Official correspondence
To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hellenes League
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Change of ambassador
Classification: Public

To whom it may concern, Greeting!

The Orange-Bourgognian Government has taken notice of the new appointment by the Hellenes authorities with regards to His Excellency Haris Antonias as Ambassador to and at His Majesty's Court at Saint James's Palace. We shall welcome him in due course observing the established protocols.

May His Excellency have a pleasant time and represent your nation's interests successfully.


Sir Richard of Wellington MP
Minister of State of Diplomacy