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Region: Geopolity

Furstia wrote:
TO: "Red Rose"
FROM: Directorate of European Affairs, Ministry of State Security
Subject: Political asylum

Dear comrade,

the Ministry of State Security has received positive word concerning your identity and has now superseded the Foreign Affairs body in regards to your asylum request, to ensure a rapid conclusion of the pre-approval bureaucratic process and, to minimize as well the potential risks to your physical integrity by attempting an extraction as soon as the circumstances allow us to perform an operation with the greatest possibility of success.

Our next meeting will be at a date and a place - in Westminster - of your choosing as well, but we request you to be prepared for an evacuation on that very same day. Our personnel will brief you on the operation in person, and then proceed with the extraction process on a immediate fashion, undertaking all necessary measure to ensure furtiveness at all times, given your status as an objective of interest.

We must inform as well, that the extraction process for the rest of your comrades will be arranged at a later date.

We await for your reply.

Private correspondence
To: Directorate of European Affairs, Ministry of State Security, Furstia
From: "Red Rose"
Subject: Political asylum
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL

To whom it may concern, Greeting Comrade!

Thank you for your speedy message and positive stance towards my asylum request. I shall avail myself to your personnel on the fourth day of February next, if that is suitable, and will fully co-operate with your colleagues to secure my own safety for the future in your nation.

"Red Rose"