by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

CNINR complex, about 170 km northwest of Chengdu.

Two black sedans are parked in the hangar of the small airport where a twin-engine plane rolls and stops in front. From there comes a man, very young and casually dressed. Yes, he looks around and then heads for the cars. Leaning on the hood of one of the two cars there is a woman who goes up to him and shakes his hand "welcome Tom, I'm Isabelle Chang, director of the complex"
"My pleasure" replies Tom.

After introducing themselves, they get into the car and leave.
After a ten-minute journey and numerous security checkpoints, they arrive near a large cube-shaped building.
"Here is The Cube, the government research center for the study and design of new energy sources" Isabelle tells Tom
"Wonderful" the boy exclaims.
"Well in a while you will be able to see the prototype live, what do you think? Says the woman smiling.
"I couldn't wait," she replies smiling.

Shortly after the two people are walking along a very illuminated corridor that seems to never end, suddenly the director opens a door and another corridor appears, this time circular and less illuminated, on the other side there is a long window, the two approach them and in front of them a strange orange structure appears with large pipes and cables running all around it.
"Here's the prototype," Isabelle tells Tom.