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CCCP- wrote:
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UAN: UAN Meeting on the Grievances of Maratha-Empire against Orange-Bourgogne

Geneva Soviet Ambassador to the UAN, Comrade Dmitry Nikolayev, has called on the rest of Security Council members (Imperial Eagle [USA] and Vashnal [Japan]) along with the rest of the member nations of the UAN to meet at Geneva, Labyrnna and discuss the grievances presented by the Maratha-Empire and supported by Donau-Bundesreich against Orange-Bourgogne. This is a matter that will likely resurface as more and more nations begin to demand repatriations of stolen artifacts and treasures. In the interest of preserving peace and stability across the world, the Soviet Delegation believes that it is important to have an in-depth discussion of how to solve a crisis centuries in the making.

We believe that beyond working on repatriation, this diplomatic body should work on creating a global record-keeping system that keeps the black markets from distributing plundered treasures. If all nations of the world work together, we will be able to build a system that will keep the trading of artifacts and treasures transparent and traceable to the legitimate owners. This way we will guarantee that artifacts are returned to their rightful owners and that legal trading of artifacts is not discouraged.

Though the Union will not take an official stance on the matter, it does however agree with the measure. Due to its own history in regards to Native Americans and the Philippines, it has endeavored to return items to both the tribal nations here in North America or make sure that are displayed with respect and in the case of the Philippines, we have gone so far as to return any items taken during American control over said nation until 1947 even in the midst of the Second Civil War. Also, we wish to inform our counterparts in the Soviet Union that we will be conducting a Freedom of Navigation exercise in the Arctic Ocean. This of course does not mean will approach legal Soviet waters or coastal regions and the size of the fleet conduction the movement will be small in nature, containing four battleships, (two Montana Class and two Liberty Class) and six Farragut Class DDGs along with two fleet replenishment ships. We hope that our Soviet counterparts understand that the exercise is peaceful and in what is recognized as international waters.