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President Akiya Komi's Televised Speech

"My fellow citizens of Japan, I speak to you today as a survivor. Extreme ideologies saw me as a threat to their ideals. Their ideals would treat those in Japan who aren't fully Japanese like animals, even if they've lived in Japan all their lives. They had a grievance against any nationality that wasn't Japanese. Their ideologies would've torn Japan apart. The person who fired the shot that barely missed my heart was detained and killed for his actions. Ideologies that harm people and make people feel lesser than they are should be done away with in today's world. We all may look different, but deep down, we are more alike than anyone realizes. Takeshi Tezuka, the leader of the now defunct Japanese Purity Party is believed to be the main force behind the attempt on my life. He will be found and he will be brought to justice.

Justice reigns over us who do the right thing. When we stand with our brothers and sisters and help them through tough and easy times, we are rewarded. That is what Japan strives for, helping those around us towards a goal of peace and prosperity. Peace, however, cannot be obtained in every corner of the globe. There are some in this world that wish to do away with our line of thought. There are some in the world that wish to do away with Japan. There are some in the world that wish to do away with order. While Japan is stable, our alliances haven't been concrete. They have been word of mouth, signed documents that allowed free trade and lower tariffs, and deals between nations for goods that we need. We may now not worry about being without help in our darkest times. Earlier this week, I signed an executive order that officially entered us into the Asian Union as a founding nation. Together with the FEUSSR (Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics), Eulumia, and Duma, we shall build up Japan and build up Asia. For far too long we have been without external help when we needed it most. Those in the world that promised us they would be by our side were nowhere to be seen. With this union, we will no longer have to be alone in our darkest times, and those in Asia will not have to be alone in their darkest times either. While the scope is limited at this point in time, we hope Asians from across the entire continent can stand with us. We stand against imperial powers that look down upon us because we aren't white. They've looked down upon us in the past like we're savages, and some still think lesser of us. That time is over.

This will usher in a new era of Japan. From this point on, we are now in the Issho Period! To Japan, to you, and to Asia!"