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Maratha-Empire wrote:Delhi:

Message to the UAN and Orange-Bourgogne

Imperialism is a stain that caused and causes pain to hundreds of million of people across the world. Our nation, the Maratha-Empire, was a victim of such imperialism at the hands of the British. Our lands were sacked, our treasures stolen, our people tortured and murdered. Today, those same imperialist powers talk of friendship and democracy. Yet they fail to see the irony of their actions. They imposed themselves onto others for their selfish economic gain.

The British Museum and the British Royal Jewels may be symbols of pride to the British people but they are symbols of subjugation, theft and destruction to billions across the world. The majority of artifacts from the Museum and the Royal Jewels were stolen and plundered during centuries of exploitation of the British Empire. We request an UAN meeting to resolve this and to repatriate the artifacts that belong to us.

If the government of Orange-Bourgogne refuses, our nation will be forced to impose severe economic sanctions and the complete ban of any British ship in our ports and waters. We invite our friends in the government of Eulumia to join our efforts as they too have been severely affected by such imperialism.

Maratha Confederacy's Repatriation Claim Backed By Jakarta

It is no secret that the rule by Orange-Bourgogne over the vast and expansive Eulumian islands is nothing short of resented, a sentiment still very much carried by the populace of the archipelago nation. The Eulumian people did not ask to be incorporated into European colonial empires, and yet despite this, our resources, environments, and peoples suffered under colonial rule for centuries, oppressed by a capital thousands of kilometers away, far beyond our homelands. And for what? The betterment of the lives and riches of European imperialists at the cost of the exploitation of our nation; the imperialists thrived on another continent while our people laboured, suffered, and struggled to survive. Even in the aftermath of the second World War, the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne attempted regain control of Eulumia following Japan's (Vashnal) surrender, leading to needless violence and bloodshed of Eulumian peoples only wanting freedom and independence, whereas our colonizers wanted to continue to rape our lands for their profit.

It is for these reasons that Jakarta formally declares its support of the Maratha Confederacy's demand for repatriation of stolen artifacts and goods from Westminster. Jakarta also demands that Westminster repatriate the artifacts looted by British Imperialists, and be returned to the rightful peoples from which they were taken by force, often leading to bloodshed on our own soil as we sought to keep what is sacred and meaningful to us.

Should Westminster refuse these claims outright or refuse to see to negotiations on the matter, Jakarta will enact economic sanctions against the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne, and will indefinitely restrict British access to the Strait of Malacca and all other Eulumian waters and ports.