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Maratha-Empire wrote:Delhi:

Message to the UAN and Orange-Bourgogne

Imperialism is a stain that caused and causes pain to hundreds of million of people across the world. Our nation, the Maratha-Empire, was a victim of such imperialism at the hands of the British. Our lands were sacked, our treasures stolen, our people tortured and murdered. Today, those same imperialist powers talk of friendship and democracy. Yet they fail to see the irony of their actions. They imposed themselves onto others for their selfish economic gain.

The British Museum and the British Royal Jewels may be symbols of pride to the British people but they are symbols of subjugation, theft and destruction to billions across the world. The majority of artifacts from the Museum and the Royal Jewels were stolen and plundered during centuries of exploitation of the British Empire. We request an UAN meeting to resolve this and to repatriate the artifacts that belong to us.

If the government of Orange-Bourgogne refuses, our nation will be forced to impose severe economic sanctions and the complete ban of any British ship in our ports and waters. We invite our friends in the government of Eulumia to join our efforts as they too have been severely affected by such imperialism.

Donau-Bundesreich wrote:Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Office of the United Assembly of Nations

Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma
Büro der Vereinten Nationen/Nemzetek Egyesült Gyűlésének Hivatala


The Danubian Socialist Confederation has continued to hold a firm stance of anti-imperialism and a pursuit of justice for all who have suffered under the imperialist agenda of western powers.

As the Danubian-Born Activist and Writer, Elie Wiesel once said: "We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented". To stand in silence in the face of injustice can only make us complicit in that injustice, and if we were to stand in silence now we would be just as complicit in the crimes of Orange-Bourgogne as they were themselves.

It is because of this that the Danubian Socialist Confederation backs the Marathan Motion so those who suffered under imperial rule can finally achieve justice and compensation for the crimes committed against them; and reclaim what is rightfully theirs but was taken from them without their consent. We believe that not just Orange-Bourgogne, but ALL former imperial powers must face justice for their atrocities so that the souls of those who suffered under imperialism may finally rest in peace.


Genosse/Elvtárs Mária Horváth
Donau-Botschafter bei den VVN
Dunai Nagykövet az NEG-ben

Genossin/Elvtárs Tom Weichselbraun
Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenangelegenheiten, Handel und Investitionen

          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

UAN: UAN Meeting on the Grievances of Maratha-Empire against Orange-Bourgogne

Geneva — Soviet Ambassador to the UAN, Comrade Dmitry Nikolayev, has called on the rest of Security Council members (Imperial Eagle [USA] and Vashnal [Japan]) along with the rest of the member nations of the UAN to meet at Geneva, Labyrnna and discuss the grievances presented by the Maratha-Empire and supported by Donau-Bundesreich against Orange-Bourgogne. This is a matter that will likely resurface as more and more nations begin to demand repatriations of stolen artifacts and treasures. In the interest of preserving peace and stability across the world, the Soviet Delegation believes that it is important to have an in-depth discussion of how to solve a crisis centuries in the making.

We believe that beyond working on repatriation, this diplomatic body should work on creating a global record-keeping system that keeps the black markets from distributing plundered treasures. If all nations of the world work together, we will be able to build a system that will keep the trading of artifacts and treasures transparent and traceable to the legitimate owners. This way we will guarantee that artifacts are returned to their rightful owners and that legal trading of artifacts is not discouraged.