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Region: Geopolity

The Hellenes League wrote:TOUMPA, THESSALONIKI
Republic of Macednia

In the ongoing effort to revitalize and bring the Hellenic League into a new era, we are proud to announce a major new project. A new stadium for PAOK FC in Toumpa. PAOK FC is a proud club with a long history, and a member of the Hellenic Super League.

The new stadium includes surrounding neighborhood revitalization and to bring hundreds of new, good paying jobs. The new stadium will be designed to fit over 41,000 supporters and will be apart of the new moments of glory that the club will bring to Toumpa.

construction will be mixed with public and private money at a cost of $2.5 billion, with construction starting in 3 months (12 RL days) and expected to last 2 years (104 RL days). The old stadium will be demolished shortly after the new stadium is finished. In its place a new area of residential housing, office space and a market is planned utilizing green and renewable resources such as urban farming and the use of solar.

We are excited for this project, and the region as a whole as we push forward to not only revitalize Macedonia, but the Hellenic League as a whole.


The new stadium has been completed. This is the realization of many PAOK supporters dreams and to help zero in on the goals of the club.

Additionally it will help bring in new business to the region and to spur additional developments. Job creation and economic support of the community is this organizations goal. Itís the community that supports us and in return we will always support our community.

The inaugural game is scheduled in two weeks. We also welcome friendly matches with other football clubs across the world.