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The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it would formally succeed Da Qing Empire's membership in the UAN, allowing the FEUSSR to ascend as a new member in the international forum.

The transition occurred this morning, as the Qing envoy to Geneva was repatriated, and an envoy was sent to the FEUSSR.

The FEUSSR promotes multilateralism in safeguarding the authority of all sovereign nations, advocates political order built on common values, opposes Imperialist hegemonism, and devotes itself to promoting a democratized workplace. The FEUSSR has pledged to actively participate in international peacekeeping, arms control, anti-terrorism, and environmental protection. We also attach great importance to worldwide education and development, while simultaneously supporting multilateral practical cooperation relating to counter-terrorism, humanitarian aid, climate change and environmental sustainability, avian flu, and transnational crime.

The Ministry has also reaffirmed its pledge to ensuring 'safe shelter for all', foreshadowing the potential contents of a second Five Year Plan to be completed after the First one.

Leaked documents posted on WikiLeaks indicated a gear-up in the internal government regarding plans to construct more public housing for the national populace. Maps of over 500 cities and locations were included, as well as zoning drafts and contacts with private contractors regarding the construction of over 1,000,000 apartment units. The contents of the leaks also included a transcript of a telephone call, where Beloved Leader Kum Jing-In talked with various ministers within the Ministry of Works about "the provision of a house for every household". Sample invoices and an alpha build of a payment app indicated to many that the planned housing project would be immensely affordable, charging a monthly fee of $500 USP to rent a single apartment, or $70,000 USP to purchase one outright.

Many speculate this could be part of a government plan to drive down housing costs by directly competing with a cheaper alternative. Furthermore, recent curbs on bank loans and financial assistance were also expected to induce deflation in housing costs, as many real estate companies attempt to make their properties more marketable. Across the country already, independent business surveys indicated a drop in property prices by an average of 3.5% per square meter, and industry insiders say that marked drops from 7 to 11% can be expected year-on-year. This implicit trend was made explicit in a press conference, where Commissioner of Housing Han Wu said that “homes are for living in, not for speculation”, and that "sustained inflation of home prices will only harm the economy in the long term by promoting disparities."