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Region: Middle Earth

Tatarica wrote:Then you definitely would like the idea I expressed above, that there is a mystical and a physical world that at one point were linked together, but as time and Ages passed, the mystical world separated from the physical world and so, Valinor could be on a floating island, but just that people no longer can see it, since its part of the mystical world. So its there, but its invisible to our eyes / in an other dimension of existence.

Ah yes, I see that I skipped over that post inadvertently. But yes, indeed, that is a very attractive interpretation of the situation, for me. Especially as it somewhat aligns with my amateur understanding of the original Celtic concept of their Otherworld -- a sort of parallel world to ours that can "phase" in and out of alignment with our own, seemingly at random, though also in conjunction with specific times. It just seems "right" for such a place.

Thanks for linking that youtube channel. Seems like a pretty interesting place, with all sorts of other fictional worlds explored, as well.