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Region: Middle Earth

Dwarf wrote:That was a really great read-through! I learned a lot, especially about the Second Age, which I've always been a bit hazy on. I'm going to save this for future reference :)

For the likes of me I can not remember who offered this link earlier, as I have saved it. Maybe it was Dwarven Mines or March of Maedhros, but please forgive me if I am mistaken. I can't find the original post, but its highly interesting!
If you ever have half an hour to watch, there is a great youtube video explaining the events of the Second Age.

Lord of the Rings: Second Age (Complete)

On that channel there is also a First Age video, a Before the First Age video etc. The events following the start of the Second Age are a bit ... uneventful, but things do grow in intensity. Maybe not as much as the conflicts in the First Age. The Second Age is basically mellow times in Middle Earth (except a few times when Sauron goes on to attack) and expansion and corruption in Numenor.

Dwarf wrote:With the information you've laid out, it does seem like it's within our world and that otherworldly forces are unnecessary. However, I am experiencing a strong desire for it to have been made into one of those floating islands in folklore and myth -- imagine a Blessed Realms that can never be reliably pinned down on a map, while still definitely existing on that same map.

Then you definitely would like the idea I expressed above, that there is a mystical and a physical world that at one point were linked together, but as time and Ages passed, the mystical world separated from the physical world and so, Valinor could be on a floating island, but just that people no longer can see it, since its part of the mystical world. So its there, but its invisible to our eyes / in an other dimension of existence.

Dwarf wrote:Frodo's words really get to me. Tolkien did a great job with them, and Elijah Wood perfectly captured them in his expression. Great acting, there

Exactly what Lindon-Rivendell's video was mentioning at one point; the actors did a near-perfect job in the movies, regarding the emotions and expressions. So its hard to find other actors to impart the same sentiment.