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Tatarica wrote:That's a great resource, nice!

I've found that it is helpful that when I add a link to an external resource to also add a short description about it, so that other players know what they check when they visit the page. I remember adding a picture resource without saying what it was about and people got a real shock when they checked it and saw a table of LoTR actors with the faces swapped around and saw Gollum's face over Gandalf's. Oops!

Regarding your link, its about Recasting the Lord of the Rings movies for a more "recent" public. Its a playlist that includes 6 parts each of roughly 10 minutes, and each part tackles a different part / section of the actors involved in LoTR. It takes the actor, talks about his play and the redeeming actions and what it was known about in the movies and then tries to find a similar actor that could fit that role. Its pretty interesting, and it gets even more interesting the more you get into the video(s).

I would say that it's the same with any other number of movies that were remade. A very few of them are said to be "better than the original" (including here movies made in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's that were recreated in the last 15-20 years) but, then again, I may not be able to bare watching a movie of that era if I am used to the amount of CGI of today's era.

So if its just about a deepfake video that swaps the faces around I wouldn't be interested, but if its actually a remake of the movies with new actors (that each will act and pour their own emotions into the new movie) I think that'll be interesting and a worthy watch. Definitely it may not be as good as the "original", but its for new audiences that may want a little more CGI thrown around to stand to watch a movie. And maybe with actors they know better. But that's just to keep the flame of LoTR and Tolkien alive and shared to a more bigger audience.

But the gandalf replacement.... *mwah*
Another one:
This one is much MUCH MORE Controversial