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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

Paseo wrote:| Looking at the two, Zahani looked down for a moment before looking at the two agents standing at the door. She was a woman of practicality, to her this situation was uneasy to say the least. She would look into her notebook which had an order from the Prime Minister not to get involved any further. For a moment, she looked at it before looking back at Natsya. Covering her notebook again, she would sigh deeply and as if it was nothing just spoke. |

    [ Ambassador Ahllam Zahani ]: "We need to get her out of the country as soon as possible."

Schweiss closed his eyes and sighed in desperation. He walks towards Natsya as if to insist

    [ Ambassador Bernard Schweiss ]: "I know but, how. You were probably followed to here. They know where she is. Or perhaps not I don't know"

He walks away again nervously towards a large piano that was used for receptions and leaned with hands on it.

    [ Ambassador Bernard Schweiss ]: I have the asylum papers ready but, what about the Russian reaction

    [ Natsya Krashina ]: What did you say ?

Schweiss felt uneasy. He took out a paper from his jacket that unfolded in front of her nervously

    [ Ambassador Bernard Schweiss ]: This was sent to me two days ago, your parents look, they filled it for you. Its an asylum request for Germany.

    [ Natsya Krashina ]: Just for me ? What about my parents ? They will stay ha.. and they will pay the price of my escape

Schweiss looked at the Iranian ambassador for support. It would be difficult to convince a girl to leave her home and parents for her own safety.