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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty


| Zahani's Trial |

| Eva decided to stay, and Zahani was informed after a while about the choice but Natsya was on her way to the embassy. Zahani knew very well that Natsya would be followed, that the Tsarina could offer protection but only to a certain point and from here on now Zahani and Schweiss would have to come up with a plan to take Natsya away, to keep her safe. The Tsarina was never part of this situation officially, she only met with Eva and Eva accepted her offer. The Embassy from the outside was working as usual, but from within it was very different.

Zahani made sure that Natsya was transported through two different vehicles to try and slow down the SRGI services following the actual vehicle. Sitting in her office, wearing a blue pantsuit she would be sitting opposite Ambassador Schweiss. The dark night of Moscow was a perfect time for them to gather at the Embassy in order to avoid any official links appearing. After a moment of silence, the buzzer within the office lit up, Natsya arrived. Zahani would get up nervously as the doors to the cabinet opened and Natsya would walk in with two women beside her. Smiling slightly she would not at Natsya, before taking a seat. |

    [ Ambassador Ahllam Zahani ]: "Please, take a seat. Mahran, close the door will you."[/i] |

    Bayern Kahla


Opening :

Natsya knew she wasn't welcomed but also knew that right now was not the time to make a scene and be disrespectful. She took a seat and saw another man. With a peculiar face, he seemed extremely nervous and agitated. He would rub his hands constantly while look away. And now it came to her. "The" Ambassador. The survivor of the great embassy fire. The savior of the disappeared of Moscow was here. It did not make sense to her now. Tsarina was a logical entry in her life. But now Iran and Germany ? She would sit as the cosy atmosphere of the embassy soaked in.

Schweiss would stay up in a corner of the room staring at her then away. Wondering how on earth this was happening.

    [ Natsya Krashina ]: "..."[/i] |