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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Kiamai wrote:Rumanian States R. F. Rumania
Empire of Gora Goran Angelfish
Windardia Knights of Silva
Candain DoC Night Sprites
Kiamai Kiamaian Elites
New cadaria Team Cadaria
Etrius Silver Hunters
Rekken Ukko's Chosen
Concordaia Concordean Lions
Vacoul Meep
Blayredeshia Cowboys
Kemonomica Team Kitsunetron
East evvia Solís People
Evve Terre The Evven Team
Schwypia Schwypian Patriots
The Atomic Schism The Schismian Kerows
Cervenia The Cervanian Stags
Srednjaci Oympic Committee Srednjaci
Comaraka The Comacores

RP: The Olympics Days 2-3

The Olympics Days 2-3 continue, with the following results for Ice Hockey and Freestyle Skiing:


1st Place: Concordaia
2nd Place: Windardia
3rd Place: Rumanian States
4th Place: Etrius
5th Place: Cervenia
6th Place: Kiamai

DAY 3: Freestyle Skiing

1st Place: Srednjaci
2nd Place: Comaraka
3rd Place: Vacoul
4th Place: Kemonomica
5th Place: Blayredeshia
6th Place: Evve Terre

RP: Celebrations in the Streets
After Windardia finished in second place in ice hockey at the Kiamai International Olympics, there have been mass celebrations in the street. Some have even considered the goalkeeper for the team a national hero for his performances at the Olympics. After Windardia's strong finish, the youth of the nation have started to play hockey on frozen lakes. The nation is considering launching a youth ice hockey league. President Gilligan has thanked the government of Kiamai for hosting the Olympics. "Thanks to the wonderful country of Kiamai for allowing Windardians to show their athletic talents on the global stage."

Candain, Empire of Gora, and Kiamai