by Max Barry

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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty


JUNE 2022

Having continued well into the night, Spanish Marines were finally able to move into the Palace of Mbasogo, facing token resistance by remaining Moroccan Presidential Guard members inside. Clearing Room to Room and taking multiple losses while doing so, they were finally able to locate Mbasogo who was hiding in the library amongst much of the Staff, pretending to be the butler. His ploy did not succeed however as Spanish Forces were extensively briefed on the identities of many higher ranking Guinean Individuals, and as such had researched his appearance. Sporadic firefights still took place across the Capital City of Bata as Spanish Troops took possession of many vital Structures such as the huge Hospital General de Bata.

Tragically, one of three helicopters carrying Troops to the City of Niefang for an initial insertion was downed while coming in to land, which killed four of the twenty-two armed forces members aboard. The short-term assessment determined the cause of the crash to be a ruptured hydraulic hose which was damaged due to a luckily placed 12.5mm shell. Resistance within Niefang itself was not large in scale, limited to heavily armed police officers rather than the Guinean Military which at this point had already expended most of its manpower and equipment in an unsuccessful defence of Bata.

Marine General Antonio Planells Palau made a short press statement in front of Spanish Army Journalists who had been kind enough to provide footage to foreign media outlets, in which he stated that as Mbasogo has been captured they shall prepare a trial regarding his bloody reign in the country, in which local officials and victims shall be called as witnesses. Palau further stated that while Spain was not going to rule out self-rule for Equatorial Guinea, it was determined to oversee the Nation in the short term in order to return normalcy and increase the standards of living within the Country. Naturally, he did not specify what short term meant and in fact dodged the question multiple times. The focus in the current moment however was on the fact that the long-reigning dictator had been toppled.